Private investigator hired to investigate extramarital affair is sentenced to 1 year in prison

婦幼徵信公司When you see calluses on the inner knuckles of your right index finger, you know that the person has been using a gun for years. When seeing someone’s cigarette lighter is full of scratches, judge that the person put the key together with the lighter… Such supernatural reasoning often appears in works of art such as sherlock, describing the process of “private detective”. In reality, China’s “private detectives” are not so magical. They do not have the right to investigate criminal cases, or even have been legalized. Companies named after “private detective offices” are prohibited by law. Recently, a “private detective” has been criminally punished for breaking the law while helping others investigate. In recent years, many private detective offices under the name of “consulting companies” have “helped” married women fight for their marriage, providing services such as investigation of extramarital affairs for women whose marriage is on the red light, but the investigation of “detectives” will violate the criminal law. The people’s court of huqiu district, suzhou city, jiangsu province, recently sentenced the defendant li mou to one year in prison for illegally obtaining personal information of a citizen. The court heard that in August 2014, wang wanted to get a divorce after discovering that her husband had cheated on her. However, in consideration of the reasons for child custody and property, wang hoped to collect ev警民徵信社BLOGidence of her husband’s cheating. After wang mou recommends to find a through the friend “rely on” local private detective agency, pass WeChat get in touch with the other side, hope detective agency can help its search husband’s open room record. Before Christmas 2014, after negotiating a price of 5,000 yuan, wang transferred the money to the other party’s bank account through alipay and sent her husband’s id number to the detective agency staff. Three or four days later, the staff first sent photos of her husband’s household registration and car to Ms. Wang through WeChat, and then sent more photos of the opening records. Court that the defendant engaged in “private detective” li mou for illegal profit, has entrusted people survey others affair, personal whereabouts, etc, to install locator, sent a tracking, illegal for citizens’ personal information more than 100 article, illegal profits amounted to more than 20, ten thousand yuan, the act constitutes a crime of illegal for citizens’ personal information, therefore, to make the decision in accordance with the law. 1. What is the crime of illegally obtaining citizens’ personal information? In this case, the “private detective” was sentenced for illegally obtaining citizens’ personal information. Judge li jian of sanmenxia intermediate people’s court explained that stealing or illegally obtaining citizens’ personal information by other means constitutes the crime of obtaining citizens’ personal information. If the circumstances are serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention and shall also, or shall only, be fined; If the circumstances are especially serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years and shall also be fined. 2. Is “private detective” illegal? Since it is illegal for “private detectives” to help victims of extramarital affairs investigate each other, is “private detective” illegal? Hu liangrui, a lawyer with henan yulu law firm, explained that there is still a blank area in the legislative level for the establishment of private detectives in China, which belongs to the marginal industry and has not been officially recognized by the government. As early as September 7, 1993, the Ministry of Public Security promulgated the “notice on the prohibition of the establishment of private detective agencies”, which clearly stipulates that any unit or individual is prohibited from establishing various forms of civil affairs investigation agencies and other private detective agencies. Civil and economic disputes, claims for debts, security advice and investigations involving personal privacy are prohibited. Because China has not established any law “private detective” legal status, “private detective” is only to exercise the legitimate right to k徵信社 推薦now ordinary citizens, and can not get involved in criminal investigation activities, China’s “criminal procedure law” stipulates, only the specific state organs of the staff, have the right to criminal case investigation. According to zhu xiaoxu of judge of court of deng zhou city introduces, at present domestic still did not have a private detective company to obtain the business license that industry and commerce branch issues, in procedural law also did not stipulate citizen individual has “investigation right”. 3. “private detective” can conduct general civil investigation since according to the law, “private detective” does not have the right to investigate criminal cases, then “private detective” still has room? What can they do without breaking the law? Henan zhongheng law firm lawyer zhang qingyu said that the current development of “private detective” business companies after the industrial and commercial registration for the “market research company”, “market research”, “investigation consulting department”, registered business scope is: business information consulting; Economic information consultation; Market research. Of course, these companies advertise as: marriage investigation and evidence collection, solving financial disputes, efficient finding people, rights protection and anti-counterfeiting, business investigation, keeping mistresses, extramarital affairs investigation, affair investigation and so on. Hu liangrui, a lawyer, said private investigators could carry out ordinary civil investigations. After obtaining the authorization of the relative party, such as the authorization of the husband and wife party, it transfers the credit credential information of the other party according to the procedures prescribed by law; Or unauthorized, but in a public place or did not invade the privacy of others under the premise of taking photos and obtaining evidence, or in the authority of the relevant documents and materials, belong to the “law without provisions are free” state. “In reality, due to the uneven professional level of ‘private detectives’, relatively weak awareness of the rule of law, and illegal means of obtaining evidence, not only can’t the evidence obtained be used by the court, but practitioners may also violate the criminal law due to illegal access to personal information of citizens.” Zhengzhou high-tech zone court judge he zhan said. Judge zhu xiaoxu reminds, want only “private detective” master the scale in investigation work, abide by legal regulation, do not violate the right of privacy of the citizen, the evidence that its obtain also can serve as the basis that affirming case of a case. 4. Do foreign “private detectives” have more rights? Compared with domestic “private detective” industry, many other countries “private detective” industry is booming. Can evidence obtained by foreign “private detecti徵信社工作ves” be used? Not only developed countries have “private detectives”, but many developing countries such as Malaysia, Zambia and Zimbabwe also have numerous “private detective” agencies, said judge liu wei of the court in dengzhou. France is the birthplace of “private detective”. In order to regulate the “private detective” industry, France has developed a series of legal systems. The French “private detective” industry has formed a perfect industry standard, in the civil field, its business has been rapidly developed. Though France is also a single detection mode, i.e., the exercise of indictment by the organs of state power alone, but the official for private detective in criminal cases to get intelligence is not uniformly negative, but the legal information as a result in “survey”, and not as a “spy” as a result, this practice of “pragmatism” French “private eye” can also in criminal cases. 5. As an interested party, the aggrieved party suffering from extramarital affair should not cross the bottom line of the law when obtaining evidence. Since “private detective” cannot investigate others by tracking, positioning and taking candid photos, can the party suffering extramarital affair, as an interested party, take such measures to conduct investigation and obtain evidence? “Our marriage law stipulates that husband and wife should be faithful to each other. In other words, it is not only a moral obligation, but also a leg債務協商BLOGal obligation to maintain mutual loyalty between husband and wife.” Judge li jian said that those involved in extramarital affairs should sympathize with their actions before they exceed the social tolerance and the bottom line of the law, but should still bear the corresponding legal responsibility if they violate the bottom line of the law. For example, to invade the house of the third party in order to investigate the evidence of infidelity of the other party of the marriage is an infringement, and the evidence obtained by it does not have the legality. But if you take evidence in your own home, you don’t have that problem. Those who obtain through illegal means is in the photograph of two people intimacy inside third-person bedroom, do not have legitimacy; A photograph of two people in a public place of affection is legitimate. So how can a victim of an affair obtain evidence to protect her own interests? Judge he said there is a rule of evidence in civil cases called “who claims, who provides proof.” That is to say, the person who is not at fault in his or her marriage must show evidence that the other person has an affair in order to show that he or she has had an affair. However, this kind of evidence often involves the privacy of the third party, with privacy, outsiders not easy to know, there is indeed difficult to obtain evidence, to obtain “catch in bed” evidence is very small. Zhang qingyu, a lawyer, believes 徵信社營業項目that the no-fault party in marriage can collect relevant fault evidence of the other party when the husband and wife live together, or collect relevant fault evidence of the other party from relatives, friends and public security organs, such as the other party’s call and text message record, WeChat QQ chat record, E-mail content, mobile phone text message content and so on. Lawyer zhang qingyu expresses, at present lawyer’s practice behavior has clear law regulation and strict profession practice norm, lawyer does not accept to violate the law regulation and practice the entrustment of discipline, lawyer also is not professional information collector. This provides a business opportunity for the “private detective” business. Judge what show that in order to safeguard the legitimate interests of the parties to the subject, our country should produce the corresponding laws and regulations, regulating the industry folk investigation, from the aspects of personnel qualification, subject of examination and approval of market access, entrusted scope, research techniques such as norms, regulatory agencies, industry such as supervision and punishment rules make perfect laws and regulations system, so as to promote the healthy development of private investigation industry in our country. Judge zhu xiaoxu believes that in a society ruled by law, solving problems through legal procedures is undoubtedly the first choice for people t徵信社真實案例o solve disputes, but there are also some inevitable disadvantages: the procedures are relatively complicated, the costs are too high, and the results may not be achieved. If private detectives can provide more powerful evidence and facts, they can not only provide services for the parties concerned, protect the legitimate interests of citizens, but also relieve the pressure of public security organs to a great extent. This is why many western countries have complete legal systems, and the “private detective” industry cannot be completely replaced. Even the government sometimes needs to resort to this industry. What’s more, “private detective” is different from the government. The government does not charge fees for serving citizens, while “private detective” deals with social problems with commercial logic. Therefore, to some extent, “private detective” may have a stronger willingness to serve and better work efficiency. Lawyer Hu Liangrui believes in “private eye” and collect evidence, the parties need to perfect the legislation in the national legislature, in line with international standards, in meeting the needs of social development at the same time, conveniently “righting the legal status of” private detective “, in fact, judicial resources is also a supplement to the country, to some extent, is also a supplement of the dispute settlement mechanism of social contradictions, but all this needs a good, sound legal system as support.

Construction debt case

苗栗徵信社Twenty or thirty thousand yuan, in the eyes of wealthy urban people may not have too much weight, a table point class food, or a show status of the famous brand, there is also ok, no, also will not bring too much impact on life; But for many migrant workers, it is the blood and sweat they have worked hard for two years, a new schoolbag for their children to go to school next year, and a much-ne雲林徵信社eded dose of medicine for their sick relatives. . “Hard-earned money” carries so much of the weight and hope of their lives that they have to go around screaming for a less complicated life at all costs. But there are always so many black hearts default on the following is a summary of construction debt cases related knowledge, only for reference. I hope it will help with the collection of thos彰化徵信社e building funds. Construction engineering case analysis the applicant a decoration company (hereinafter referred to as party a) and the respondent some unit (hereinafter referred to as party b) decoration contract at the end of 1996, by party a to party b the hotel’s interior decoration project contracting, for in the contract and the appropriation of the project, engineering change, acceptanc南投徵信社e, settlement agreement, warranty. The estimated cost of the project is $250,000. After signing the contract, party a entered into the construction site and started construction. In late March 1997, both parties signed the completion agreement of the decoration project, specifying that the project has been accepted. During the construction period, party b shall allocate a total of more than 170嘉義徵信社,000 yuan to party a. After the completion of the project, both parties have not handled the final accounts of the project. At the beginning of May 1997, party b used the hotel decorated by party a without accepting the decoration project. According to the actual situation of project completion, party a shall make the book decoration, final accounts of the project cost is ten thousand yuan, mor屏東徵信社e than 40 but party b shall not be authorized, and refused to pay all overdue payments related to. 330 million yuan, the heilongjiang province labor bureau in 2004, a year of wage arrears for migrant rural workers, than in the past three years off to more than double the total 70 million, tens of thousands of thousands of migrant workers are all looking forward to finally get their hard-earned 宜蘭徵信社money. Through this exciting digital, less in labor department of manpower, lack of funds for behind, there are a lot of malaises. It could be easily to ignore kaiping court for compulsory execution project back pay this year’s National Day, in a construction company of kaiping yu and other 23 employees particularly happy, because on September 30, they finally from the hand of the execution jud台東徵信社ges claim unpaid wages over the last two years. Yu and 23 others were originally employees of a construction company in kaiping city. Due to the poor management of the company, they were owed a total of 862041.25 yuan in wages from 2003 to 2005. After several times of urging, the company refused to pay them on the grounds of economic difficulties. March 2005 yu and others applied for arbitratio花蓮徵信社n to kaiping labor dispute arbitration committee and applied for compulsory execution to the court according to law. After accepting the case, the court found that the execution of the case was once in trouble due to the fact that the person subjected to execution had been operating in debt for many years and had no property available for execution locally. Combine executive person nature is co澎湖徵信社nstruction company.

Suspect husband derailed hire detective, did not think of “detective” unexpectedly…… ?????

盈幣寶Bingbon-官方唯一交流群The tang lady that lives in town of cheng xiang of suzhou city taicang, because suspect husband is off the rails, two people are in many after quarrelling, choose to Sue to the court divorce. To make the verdict more favorable for her, tang became intrigued when she heard by chance that private investigators could be used to investigate evidence of her husband’s infidelity. But did not think of is “detective” is a cheater actually, lady tang suffers a heavy loss because of this. On August 28, Ms. Tang used her mobile phone盈幣寶Bingbon-最大槓桿數及手續費調整公告 to search for a “private detective” company. Through the QQ number displayed, Ms. Tang added him as a friend and offered to investigate her husband’s whereabouts. Ms. Tang said the other side asked to pay 5800 yuan deposit, to help check, she was more anxious, the other side said half can also, and then she transferred 2900 yuan. Half a month later, the so-called “detective” told Ms. Tang that he had finished his investigation and had evidence of Ms. Tang’s husband’s infidelity. He asked Ms. Tang for a deposit, and Ms. Ta盈幣版APP v1.6版本更新ng immediately transferred 2900 yuan to him. The next day, the other side contacted Ms. Tang, said he would ask the dispatcher to send evidence to Ms. Tang. Unexpectedly, the evidence that the other side collects still pays 20 thousand yuan deposit to be able to take. < / p > < p > eager to get evidence of her husband’s cheating Ms. Tang, and to the other party paid 20,000 yuan, but left and right, etc., did not wait to send the Courier, but wait to the other party request to transfer 20,000 yuan phone, Ms. TanBingbon盈幣寶週報(2019/07/20 – 2019/07/26)g this just realized that he was cheated, and called the police. Taicang police in the investigation process found that in August this year taicang city had another telecom fraud, commit crimes with the same means, after a series of and, the police confirmed that the two fraud cases for the same gang. Police arrested two suspects in a residential building in hecheng district, huaihua city, hunan province, early in the morning. It is known that the gang defrauded hunan, jiangsu, zhejiang and other regions, involving more th盈幣寶Bingbon-合約PC公測版(網頁版)正式上線an 200,000 yuan.

Private detective, xiao SAN was eager to be the first wife to pull me out of bed

影片教學專區Private detective, small three be eager to be matchless unexpectedly pull me out of bed! 15 years ago, my husband and I lived in the countryside, although the days are poor, but very happy. At that time, the husband is a small contractor, a few years down, also saved a lot of money, I gave birth to a son and a daughter for him. The culture is not high, husband and wife life is relatively monotonous, there is no seas run dry, and romance. However, the family together, simple and secure life, is my greatest wish and satisfaction. Actually, father-in-law also is to make construction one’s previous experience, helped a master that the husband introduced. The husband learns to have become, below division elder brother help, contract building construction to the city. From then on, he seldom went home. Every month will give me regular money, let me take good care of the child. I do not know how long, I suddenly heard the wind, the husband in the outside with a woman. My mood is very perturbed, but do not believe. Finally, I was completely awakened by a hateful message. Found that the harsh rumors, turned out to be true. My husband came home, I chased him questioned, he refused to admit death. But all his suspicious ways, even a fool can see the problem. Answer the phone furtively. A few words about him bore me. Later, a kind-hearted migrant work盈幣寶-​Q&A問題er, secretly told me that the husband did raise a woman outside. That woman’s name is small three, younger than me, beautiful. She was abandoned by her ex-husband, with a boss named jiang around, jiang boss played enough, afraid not to dump, gave the husband, now they are near the construction site rental life. For our family harmony, migrant worker eldest brother said, can take me to the husband’s *** room, catch. Father-in-law obviously know husband outside misbehaving, but he has been looking at me not pleasing to the eye, a pair of proud attitude, to all this, turn a blind eye. It was a cloudy day and my mood was very gloomy. I called a few family members, pack a car, but my daughter refused to let me go, afraid I can not stand, impulse small three dozen, then be bitten back. Just let me wait at home. After they come back, I see from the video, husband and small three hide in the *** room make dumplings, two people like glue, very comfortable. Daughter’s emotion is very excited, forward is a slap in the face, almost the small three fan down on the ground. But the private detective, the husband two words did not say, instead slapped my daughter in the face, was beaten by my brother. This painful scene, let me all read out. More hateful is, small three belly already bulge, she bad go up the child of husband, be unwilling to miscarry, for盈幣寶-價差合約分倉技巧ce husband and I divorce. I can’t bear to divorce my husband for the sake of the children. So endure the sadness down. I’ll make him pay for his disloyalty. I and the child, no matter he outside how toss about, as long as every year send us 200,000 living expenses can. At first he was very forthcoming, but after a year he couldn’t support himself. Xiao SAN had given birth to the child and had to spend money everywhere. What makes him struggle most is that, the child of little three grows up gradually, if I do not divorce, the child cannot go up registered permanent residence, cannot go to school. For this, small 3 matchless anxiety, every day force husband and I divorce, more such, I more calm, do not leave. Helpless under, small 3 start hair short message beg me, see no effect, insult me again, say me ugly, yellow face old woman, shameless, looking at her confounded and crazy words, don’t mention my heart have much joy. Finally, my husband came home, tentatively and I discussed divorce, I gently refused. I intentionally please husband, said I forgave him, before impulse, life is so long, who do not make a mistake, you want to do what, do it, please remember, no matter when, where, you got what kind of harm, I will never leave you. That day, the husband’s mood is very complex, drank some wine, was moved by my words to cry. The game of extr盈幣寶-價差合約操作思路amarital affairs had worn him out. His mobile phone rang countless times, is small three call, he did not answer, perhaps, answer also do not know what to say. So he lay weak in my arms, listening to me talk about the past. In the middle of the night, there was a sudden sound of a car coming closer and closer, followed by a loud knock on the door. I pulled on my pajamas and opened the door. The first thing I saw was mistress. The child is innocent. She looked at me anxiously and said, sister, I want to talk to you. After entering the house, my husband was still asleep. I deliberately went to bed and snuggled up with my husband. Tell her politely that I have nothing to say to you. Stalemate for a long time, small three almost collapse, I gently embrace her husband, motioned that she should go. Unexpectedly at this time, she unexpectedly hair mad similar, pull me out of bed, cry to shout to pull husband to go out. I didn’t get into a physical confrontation with mistress. Afraid of neighbor joke, I let the husband send her first say again, anyway ren she how toss about, I insist not to divorce. Fortunately, a year later, xiao SAN’s ex-husband, was checked out of infertility symptoms, that xiao SAN’s current situation, and his wife divorced, ready to and xiao SAN remarry. Small three on one’s deathbed, very readily agreed. Since then, the affa盈幣寶-新手價差合約心態ir has been quiet.

Private detective: female net friend afraid I pester from explode abuse of love history

taiwan private detective台灣徵信社Standing on the balcony, I took a deep breath of smoke, thinking about something I didn’t want to face but had to face. The star still is in sky heartless ground is running leer eye, let me think of that to have the woman that twinkle like star eye. If do not have network, if do not have chatroom, if private detective does not have that net to be called “star”, the woman that the eye also resembles star, I won’t be painful, although I am an unfortunate man. My wife lost the joy of life completely after a gynecological operation a few years ago. I had to give up the animality that still exists in human evolution. I began to use the Internet to transfer my attention. There aretaiwan detective台灣徵信社 all kinds of people on the Internet, there are all kinds of articles in the community, people on the Internet are more real in one way, but very fake in another. Or for self-preservation purposes, I didn’t want to talk about my real life until I met the star. I know from the words “star” that she is not too young, married, divorced, is the kind of rational woman, has no children. After seeing the photo, I felt even better, as if with a trace of fairy spirit, leisurely long hair, star-like eyes, dream-like expression, only a see, then like her. The reason why the woman is different from the woman, phase is not only the surface, but also the inner, but the man and the woman mprivate detective台灣徵信社utually cherish the result, will eventually go into the secular. Later, stars and I rarely in the community article, write more letters to each other, the phone bill is also in a straight line, she began to appear in my dream, and I snuggle. After half a year, we finally had the chance to meet. That day the stars lay in my arms, became my woman. We got along so well that I found myself falling in love with her. Then, again can not help asking her. This time she came, only, she said a lot about the past, about the men she had had relationships with, there are a lot of them, they are very good, some aspects are better than me, and then sighed tone, she said, she just want to fprivate detectives台灣徵信社ind a one-night stand, do not like a lingering relationship. At this time I just understand, she is from black oneself have more romantic, have seen a few men, but is afraid I pester her again. I am a man of self-respect, and since I have been rejected by women, I will not disturb her. I never contacted her again. Only, not long after, I saw the name of the star, she changed another community post, from the text saw that she has a new story. At the back of each of her text, there is a fixed name of the thread, as I was. It hit me hard. I no longer chat, no longer write text, only put the time on the Internet in the *** to kill, this is me, an unfortunate and self-abased by wprivate detectives台灣徵信社omen rejected man!

New wife had been a lady in bed

最接近理想去中心化的公有鏈(Public Blockchain)Newly married wife bed skill xian unexpectedly ever had been “young lady”. Shortly before shortly I married, wife person not only grow beautiful, and still be a very capable the girl that can manage a family to live very well, not only do in the home methodically, and return very filial piety parents-in-law, also very enthusiastic to my colleague friend. Married to a beautiful girl is supposed to be happy, private detective, but on the night of the wedding, she did not seem to show the kind of shyness that a girl should have. Instead, I became a student. After the event, I always feel that I married is no longer a pure virgin, so I through the relationship, to find out what she went out to work. Recently, I understand that she had been in a city in the south when “miss”, is not the kind of busker not busybody, and also by the public security investigation and leave a record, this let me as if to eat flies as afflictive, day and night let me be depressed also fell into the grand pain. Want to know that I am a very traditional also very aggressive boy, is in the past I had ever talked to a girlfriend, but I have not had a close physical contact with her, as a result, I was supposed is constantly put a virgin body for we以太坊(Ethereum)、以太幣與 DAppdding night, however, I never thought I married wife was a “miss”. After understanding my wife’s experience of “working” in the south, although I did not quarrel with her, because I did not know how to deal with this matter after the quarrel, but the thought that her body had been consumed by countless men made me feel very sick. Now, I always look for excuses to the middle of the night to go home, I true don’t want to touch her filled with filthy body, also do not want to share her body with other men, now, I no longer felt her beauty and is absorbed by her beautiful body, I always unconsciously think of from her body or soul climbed out of the dirty things. I have tried to comfort myself, who does not have a little painful past? And who can guarantee that I have never done something wrong? I thought I would force myself to forgive her if only she would let me know. However, marriage to now once more than half a year, I see she still does not intend to inform me of the meaning of the slightest. Teachers, to tell the truth I’m pain and struggle, I dare not inform my parents, afraid of things cannot recollect, I also dare not inform me of friend, afraid of being laugh they head off, I can only choose I silently accept,什麼是 ICO(首次貨幣發行)? can a person can accept, after all, is limited, and a people often sleep in the guest room is not a method. Could you please tell me where I should go next in my life? Swallow this fly? Or file for divorce? Private detective reply: I have read your message, saying that I really sympathize with your experience and can understand the psychological suffering a man faces when he encounters this kind of situation. The wife that you say oneself marry back is beautiful and filial piety, and still manage domestic affairs a good hand, good also to your friend, if put aside “young lady” experience, it is a rare girl indeed. And you said, “who doesn’t have a little bit of history to look back on? And who’s to say I never did something wrong?” Also once tried to forgive her forgive her, clarify that you are really a heart very kind boy, you do not want to hurt my parents, also do not want to hurt my wife, just I a person in silence to accept. In fact, you have thought of another problem, that is now like you so pure can keep the body of the virgin to the wedding night after all, there are a few? Early in the vast majority of boys and girls married with experience in this field, in the past, people will be dedicated for the first什麼是工作量證明(PoW)? time to my husband, now, a lot of girls can leave the first baby with my husband is good, the most sad is that within marriage under the self-righteousness, my children, nurturing and hardships when they grow up but found no blood relationship with himself. Therefore, regarding oneself once did “the young lady” wife, the final decision power still lies in oneself can defeat psychological pimple, that kind is deceived by the fraud unhappy, that kind pursues the traditional idea of clean marriage. History is irreversible, and the fact that your wife was once a miss prostitution is impossible to change, therefore, as you can imagine, if you can forgive her from the bottom of my heart, to give her a confession time, even if she can frankly to inform you once and you will not be able to overcome my psychological barrier, so I advise you still insist on my self-restraint, private detective, don’t quarrel and don’t say anything, not to mention the mouth not outspoken, you just need to calmly frankly tell the reason why you want to break up, I think she will understand. Of course, if you really want to divorce with her, I wish you would leave her with a minimum of self-respect, so that you might be able to leave a little mem礦工賺錢術 - PoS 跟 PoW 有什麼差別?ory in her mind.

An affair can turn into an alarm, prompting the couple to have an in-depth exchange

徵信社推薦Extramarital affairs are very harmful to the marriage and family. Both the cheating partner and the cheating partner will suffer a lot of suffering and torture. So what do you do when you suddenly find out you’re having an affair? Let private detective explain for you below. In the face of an affair, there is really a problem how to deal with it. At that time, I was not calm enough, and I did not deal with it properly. In fact, the issue of dealing with an affair is also between the push and pull, once handled improperly, may backfire, accelerate the dissolution of the marriage. The following from four aspects on the sudden discovery of the other side of the situation how to properly solve the affair. The first thing to do is to see an affair as a forgivable sin. Infidelity is not an uncommon social phenomenon. Many people want to live a stable 筆跡鑑定BLOGlife, but once faced with an affair, the parties will have a huge psychological shock wave, stirring people’s hearts. Even if the affair becomes a thing of the past or the end of the marriage, it is difficult to maintain a calm state of mind, it is difficult to return to the past life. Marriage is supposed to be a contract, if one party is trying to keep it, and suddenly find the other party breach, the feeling of betrayal will make the party feel great pain, a piercing feeling will rise. If you tell her at this point that having an affair is a forgivable sin, she may not listen, but stick with it because realizing it is the first step out of the shadows. Three parties need to debug, have a psychological self-care. The second is to try to keep a cool mind. So suddenly discover the other party is having an affair, how should deal with? Do not let徵信社 收費 oneself be controlled by hysterical mood place, and should make clear the fact as far as possible true picture, next wisp clear train of thought, understand the attitude that the other side is opposite at present marriage family, find oneself optimal coping strategy. Third, how to get out of the shadow of an affair? If neither is planning to divorce, there is a marital problem of how to get out of the shadows. Now the society has begun to have family system therapy, if possible, the other side can accept, suggested to do a period of adjustment, which is conducive to the reconstruction of the marriage. Even if they break up, they don’t have to think of themselves as helpless, helpless, helpless people, and put themselves in fear of being abandoned. Try hard to get rid of their pain, learn to love yourself, let yourself slowly get rid of the mood徵信社評價 of self-defeat. The final point is: communication — prevention of affairs. Don’t feel that your current marriage and family life is boring just because you have experienced an unexpected event. In fact, the vast sea of people, you chose her (he) and not others this is a certain truth, do not ignore the internal reasons. Communication is the best way to avoid an affair. Private investigators believe that an affair can become a call to the police, prompting the couple to find ways to communicate deeply, to be honest with and understanding of each other, and to focus more on their children, parents, and obligations. People’s life will encounter many unexpected things, in the process of handling, also gradually become mature. Had an affair, it is a challenge of life undoubtedly. It’s also a good thing to be able to grow from this experience by tak徵信社是什麼ing it as a test.

The other half is complementary or similar

全新全球指數-盈幣寶Is the other half complementary or similar? My husband was my colleague and my first real love. He is the kind of kind-hearted, sunny character of the boy, and I because of the divorce of parents often live with relatives, the inner world compared to the dark, precocious. At that time, the sunshine breath on the husband body absorbed me, and my sad temperament absorbed him. When I was in love, my husband would talk about his history of glory with pleasure, while I listened quietly. From the heart, I think he is naive, but his sunshine illuminates my dark heart. It was he who brought me pleasure and style: he took me to music, played the Internet, and wore casual clothes. It was true that he was not the kind of careful and considerate man I had been continually looking for, but his kindness and his duty made me feel that he was a companion to be committed to for life. After marriage because think he be fond of play once very unhappy, but since chose him to be about to live well. I adjusted my state of mind, no longer care about him as before, because I was afraid of holding too tight both tired. Then I had children. With his parents to take care of him, life was very warm. Especially when the child is two or three years old, in front of the beloved child, I am more happy than anything else. At the time, neither of us was happy at work. Instead, we felt as if we were bedfellows. In the marriage of six years, the husband met the recognition of his people, changed the job. He was as happy as a duck in water in his new surroundings. A year later, he transferred me from my old job to a job I loved. But changes in the work environment have changed our relationship. He began to go home late. You can’t eat three meals at home in a month. Beginning, I also love his busy work. Later, he let slip that he thought eating at home was pointless. Because the new job requires me to devote more mental study, and the children’s study also needs me to take care of, so I didn’t think much 頂級風控 重重加密-盈幣寶about it. However, the relationship between the two was weakened by the lack of communication. My boss is a single member of the opposite sex. He grew up in a single-parent family. In the work communication, we both have some sympathy. He was a few years older than I was, and he always took care of me. I had a wonderful feeling about him, too. After a dinner party, he told me that he liked me, and our relationship went from bad to worse. Then he said he would forget about it and forget about it. Yeah, what if I don’t forget? Did not have how long, a husband drunk, mobile phone bright fell asleep. I saw half of his message: beloved… It was a new college student from his office. My heart at that time all at once knot together. I sat on the floor and read all his messages. The gossip that usually reaches my ears has been proved. I had cold feet and didn’t sleep all night. The original was betrayed feel so sad! I resolution later again don’t do the affair of betrayal, and give husband an opportunity, let husband choose. If he chooses me, we’ll be fine. The next day, I very quiet to my husband said this matter. He confessed, and said that the other like a bird, let him have the sense of accomplishment of being worshipped. He felt a constant sense of unease, but he did not want to abandon the family. I asked him to think about it for a month. For most of the year, however, he remained in a state of constant uncertainty. I poured it out to my boss. He used his connections to get rid of the girl, and he wanted me to have a happy family. Half a year later, my husband confidently pleaded for reconciliation, but my heart was gradually cool. The inner scales also began to tilt, and the constant attention of his closer and closer. I also confessed to my husband that I had a crush on others. But the husband suddenly mature a lot, more and more attention to the home. But because of my repeated requests, we went ahead with the divorce. After divorce, the husband always excuse house專業區塊鏈團隊-盈幣寶 bad rent, continuously live in the home, sleep on the sofa. And I again summon up courage to let him move, he always find reasons to excuse. In this way, we divorced not to leave home, had maintained for more than a year. And my boss never gave up on me. Since he and my husband know each other, he is also struggling, and has tried to give up, but always unable to let go. No one knows about my relationship with my boss. My husband and I divorced, outsiders do not know. From the bottom of my heart, I care a lot about the perfection of the family, which is the best for the children. Now the scene, I also have a mistake, but my betrayal of the husband did not know. I feel very guilty for putting all the blame on him. But I could not bear to part with the man who had protected me. He was waiting for me to take care of my own affairs. With him, I will be as happy as a child, a little inner lack of comfort. My husband and I have had many conversations. At first, he was very angry and thought my boss poached his head. Later I think I did not do well, so constantly with a kind of attitude to me want to recover. Maybe my attitude is not firm enough, so my husband is always reluctant to give up. It’s unfair to both men. I know in my heart that the days after reconciliation with my husband are the warmth that can be seen and the perfection of the family. But with him, I have joy from the bottom of my heart. How do I decide? Waiting for your criticism. Private detective reply: there is such a question: marriage is to find complementary good, or find similar good? In the beginning, you chose a complementary marriage. This is very obvious. You are also relatively gratified, because the husband’s sunshine swept away the haze in your heart. Although there is a little regret, but this small regret is inevitable in everyone’s marriage, is indispensable to a happy marriage. No matter how happy a marriage is, there will be barriers and conflicts. When the time that contradiction produces頂級投資 雄岸基金-盈幣寶, you did not communicate actively, did not try hard to improve marital relation, adopted evasive means instead: the husband drags is half an year, and you also continue to seek solace there in the boss that is in the same predicament. When the husband finally realized my problem, beginning to return to the family, but you have to separate the marriage. It’s just that you’re not really apart. At best, you’re apart meaningfully. So, you sandwiched in the middle of two men, left also dare not, right also unwilling, confused, a blank face. So, should you look for a similar partner after all? Or should you look for the opposite? Ideally, two similar people are separated, some happy, some unhappy. However, if two opposite people can complement each other, they can certainly be happy together! And you and your husband complement each other through marriage test, is solid; No one can say whether you will be happy after your separation from your superior, who is like you, as it has not been tested by marriage. Are you willing to abandon the child, abandon the happiness in the palm of your hand, and bet on an unknown happiness? I know your in the mind is to dare not bet actually (you summon courage to fail to let the husband move again and again, it is the performance that you dare not bet), but you are not reconciled. This kind of uneasiness is mainly the uneasiness to the past: to have someone to sympathize with you and comfort you with the pain of your childhood. How can you lose that comfort? In this sense, your love for your boss is actually the result of your inability to trust the past and your excessive focus on yourself. And loving husband (or ex-husband), is you out of the past, face the ideal process, is the process of learning to appreciate another self, is the growth of the soul performance! As long as the soul grows, the happiness of marriage is guaranteed! You are not reconciled, I can understand. But enough is enough! Don’t overdo it! Otherwise, it will be too 盈幣寶Bingbon-臨時合約地址late to regret!

What is husband and wife? What is home? What is happiness?

花蓮徵信社推薦What is husband and wife? What is home? What is happiness? What is home? The home is run by husband and wife, weaving the nest of dreams and bitter, hot, sour and sweet. It’s not a house, it’s not a color TV, it’s not a refrigerator, it’s not a physical space. Private detectives believe that material abundance can certainly give us a little sense of pleasure, but it is fleeting. Just think, in that space, if filled with violence and cold war, appearance and spirit, heart to heart, “home” will not become its home. It becomes a battleground. Families need loved ones. Need that special true feelings, two people who care about each other is home, home here rose to a belief, a religion, a support physical strength. Home is the aggregation of love, look at the world’s home, are gathered for love, without love and scattered. Don’t say women can’t leave men, men more need women, no woman can not live, no man’s woman still lead. Man is the water, woman is the dike, there is no want to burst the dike numerous water, people are a passion of the volcano, although the surface is quiet, the fire in extinguish, once the volcano burst, that is the flood beast. Home is a harbor of feelings, home is the cradle of growth, home is the habitat of a soul, home is the most can let oneself pamper the center, home is a paradise of the body. Home is what you and your family are all about. When you lose it, you can’t get it back. “A hundred years to build the same boat, a thousand years to build a pillow.” Husband and wife are two hemispheres. “half of the ball cannot roll. So how to get along between husband and wife ability to reconcile the family? Understanding, trust, respect and tolerance are necessary for couples to get along. It is like holding a handful of sand, hold it loosely, it will not leak at all, the tighter you hold it, the more it leaks. Say wife is somebody else is good, actually foot big shoe is small know, love wife also love person, mixed the false wine of water, it is water or wine, love husband also love person, want happy starting point only, do not have happy terminal point, good man is too much, cannot compare with husband, good woman is too much, cannot compare with wife, that is a risk. The best marriage is not equal to the best marriage state, no man’s look up, no woman’s watch and admire, love will be unable to attack. Marriage will not be lingering, love lies in the “mystery”, too much awakening, calculation and comparison, this is not love. Happy marriage, love and conscience is everything, marriage is pure. Marriage is like making tea, the first tea like love, strong fragrance; The second tea as newlywed, refreshing but person; The third course of tea is like the marriage that just passed close month or close year, insipid as water, demand we go savoring with common heart, ability appreciates the true interest among them. Nowadays divorce is the disease of the rich. Poor want peace, rich want change. Marriage without love is not stable, and marriage with only love is not stable. Time and interval can make love warm and cool. The worst woman also wants to find a good man, the worst man also wants to find a good woman, so, marriage is a permanent regret. Husband and wife good two legs, to stand, to walk, who cannot leave who, why one leg to the other leg always complain endlessly. A couple who say they have been married for decades without conflict or disagreement can affirm that at least one of them has no role in the family or care for the other. Marriage is a comfortable chagrin. Family is not a reasonable central, husband and wife road “rarely muddled.” If two people who do not want to ignorant, the family will never be peaceful. Tolstoy said, “happy families are like one another; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Virtuous wife is the most precious family wealth, virtuous woman is smart first, and then is virtuous, stupid woman to be virtuous for the loss, clever woman to her husband face wipe gold, silly woman to her husband face glory, wife contempt husband is the most in-depth tragedy of the family. Wife care of the process must be nagging, this is her happiness vent, do not interrupt her heart that happiness playing. Wife sajiao is the gift of love, the tender feelings to her husband, the woman who despise her husband is not in front of her husband sajiao. Which man is not afraid of his wife, “afraid” is a farewell, is the proof of love. If husband and wife can treat each other as their best friend, then, two people’s hands will hold very tight. Love a person’s most important may not be the pledge and sweet words, some of the trivial things in life, can show his love for you, that is the code of love. The secret to a long-term relationship with your loved one: give up the idea of changing your subject. In order to continue the love, a happy marriage, the wife to please her husband, the hus澎湖徵信社推薦band to please his wife, as for how to please, is a high art. Pride should not be long, desire should not longitudinal, music should not be extremely, ambition should not be full. A well-matched couple can withstand all possible attacks of disaster, when they live together in poverty, they are much happier than a pair of possession of the world’s wealth, but the same heart of husband and wife. A quarrel between a young man and his wife is an entanglement of love, but a quarrel between an old man and his wife is disheartening. If the husband is not faithful, the wife is half responsible. If drive the other side to be defeated and flee, obligation is bigger. A qualified wife should make her husband the inventor of social wealth through her own efforts. In the ideal life, a good man may not marry a good woman, a good woman may not marry a good man, a good woman and a good man live together and not necessarily happy. People have a thousand kinds, the world has a hundred states, everyone’s personality, taste, accomplishment are different, couples get along with the way is different, a hundred couples have a hundred ways to get along. Marriage is like a table, love is the staple food, tolerance, understanding, trust, respect, is a dish, ornamental, witty, interest is the wine and drinks, as long as have a combination of the above a few kinds of banquet, is what without faults on the banquet, I wish everyone in marriage on the table, eat leisurely, blue sky.another 1 eat, eat eternity, until the last breath of life. The happiest of people are those who are happy for no particular reason. They are happy simply because筆跡鑑定BLOG they are happy

Private detective: why does marriage lead to mistresses?

盈幣寶-什麼是差價合約槓桿Women who tend to be mistresses always prefer things that are not accepted by mainstream society. She has a strong desire to show off, but at the same time does not want others to see through, she will be proud to play the secret role. She doesn’t worry too much about the consequences of her actions, just love for love’s sake and let tomorrow worry about tomorrow. She did not like marriage, which is always accompanied by legal and social elements, as well as countless family chores, which make love become ordinary. I wish I could keep those wives from fretting too much. Private investigators emphasize that the best mistresses do not deliberately try to take their wives’ places. If a mistress is stupid enough to compete with the wife for the same man, it is usually the wife who wins. Nor, in my opinion, should wives become too dependent on their husbands — emotionally and theoretically — as much as their mistresses are dependent on their lovers. Wives and mistresses may go to war, but when they do, they are often separated against the unfortunate man. The reason why I became a mistress is better explained by the above mentioned independent side of people, and another reason has something to do with my childhood. At a young age, I stubbornly accepted the belief that love is won by virtue and cannot be sustained by some contract or guarantee. The role of the mistress fits the creed, but the role of the wife does not. Maybe that’s what I learned from my parents. I think my hatred 盈幣寶Web及手機H5合約地址of the two concepts of “marriage” and “family” was rooted in my childhood, when my parents were constantly in conflict and I couldn’t figure out which of them was the victim of this conflict. For me, jung’s words have always struck a chord: “often, parents’ unfulfilled wishes are transferred to their children, meaning that children often consciously try to make up for their parents’ past shortcomings in their own lives.” “Maintaining a co-existing relationship requires more courage than living alone, because there is always the possibility of betrayal when two people live together,” says karotenout. I think it takes as much courage to live with two people as it does to live alone. To be a mistress means a constant struggle with oneself — between the desire for one’s own rights and the enjoyment of complete freedom, and the desire to love and be exclusively owned by a man. Having a husband means giving your all to the second wish, and being celibate means only fulfilling the first. For very few women, having a married man as a lover is the perfect compromise. Mistresses always think twice before acting. She must never ask for or criticize him — and if she did, he would say, “how are you like my wife?” This means the relationship will end. What the mistress has to do, to give the lover endless support, is always his refuge, so that he can escape from the bad state of marriage. Dumas Jr. has a famous saying: “the chain of marriage is so heavy that it takes two to bear it, and som盈幣寶Bingbon-全球官方交流群正式上線etimes three to share it. Indeed, what I noticed in my lover was the need to maintain the triangle: not only did he need the mistress to keep the marriage alive, but the relationship needed a good pause to keep the affair hot. If the mistress belittled the relationship between the lover and his wife, she made a big mistake. Generally speaking, a husband will complain to his mistress about how bad his wife is, and the mistress will feel that he has told her everything and not confessed at all. But when mistresses and wives fight for “power” over a man, it is usually the wife who wins. But what annoys mistresses most is that most wives do not cherish what they get. A sense of security leads a wife to neglect her husband and take everything he does for granted. My basic position is that I am an independent woman and my sense of security comes from within. This is true for everyone, but many people are reluctant to admit it. The secular view of marriage even covers people’s eyes, making people mistakenly believe that the so-called security is actually set up in another person, and by law or some other noble contract to guarantee. On the other hand, no matter how determined a person is to keep his or her wedding vows, it’s hard to live and die with his or her spouse. In a love without contract, whenever the lover shows some boredom with me, I begin to worry about whether our relationship is going downhill. I don’t think wives are so sensitive to such subtle emotional changes. What am差價合約交易-盈幣寶bingbon I talking about when I say “I love you” to my lover? It meant that being with him made me feel that my life was richer and fuller than it had been without him. It also means that I respect him as an individual and give him his full freedom — that is, he doesn’t have to be with me. “I love you” means that I appreciate his qualities, that I accept him as he is — as he is, without embellishing — as he is, and as he is, as he is, as he is. Assuming I “wish him all the best,” that means I also “wish your family all the best,” “your kids all the best” — and further, “the I love you family, because they’re part of you.” The logical conclusion: “if our relationship threatened your domestic happiness, I would leave you.” This is easier said than done. Of course, the mistress will always convince herself that an affair is good for the lover and, in turn, for his family. When the lover answered me “I love you, too” time, I must not think of this sentence as he only love me, and we will come to a magical land because of love, where everything in the past has no impact on our usual, the wife will be famous to disappear, the children can also take care of themselves. Assuming he doesn’t answer at all, I can’t force him to, because true love means that a person has the right to choose whether to answer or not. Love is not an easy thing to do, being a mistress can make you really learn how to love. The private detective concluded with absolute certainty that all it took was a marriage to h【盈幣寶】手續費優惠公告ave a mistress.