I’m embarrassed by my husband and ex-wife’s weekly get-together

徵信社有哪些服務項目My husband had been married for six years before he divorced for various reasons. I met him a year after the divorce and got married three months later. I value him, is to feel that he is a person comparable to the task, although not long known, but he is good to me and my family. What’s more, he was handsome and very masculine. It was my first man, of course, but I was too old to find a good private detective. So she married him. But the marriage didn’t last long, and all sorts of contradictions emerged. I am compared to rely on a man’s little woman, so ordinary family things are let him make the decision. Even the money was in his charge. Once I tried to buy a necklace, but he thought I was too simple to live on. He said a lot of things very well, but simply never had a theory. Then I can see the true face of this man, before and after marriage almost two people. Let me especially despair, so, we began to quarrel often. Last Sunday, I went back to my mother’s home. I came back earlier. I heard him talking to other臺灣徵信社私家偵探服務s on the phone. Ask him to meet in the old center. He did not allow, said I was going home, and another night, he opened a good room to call her. The other side didn’t seem to agree, and they stuck with him for a long time. He gently coax people, finally put down the phone, also “boh” a kiss. I saw it and couldn’t speak. I watched him furtively for the credentials. One night, he said to add night shift, I followed him, as a result, he went directly to the hotel, opened the room, I hid in the dark, if, not for a while, his ex-wife came. I am anxious to go home to check their call records on the Internet (I secretly gave him a mobile phone card set the service password), found that they have to secretly meet once a week, every time a special love of the greasy in a piece, much closer than me. No wonder he is so angry now. It turns out that he gave all his good things to his ex-wife. Now I hate him very much, and have not pointed out with him that he cheated, I am afraid I said, he may want a divorce. I don’t want a di台灣台北徵信社-台北抓姦-台北感情挽回vorce. I love him and I don’t want to lose him. But I want to know, can I keep his heart? Private detective answer: before marriage you understand him insufficiently, marry in a hurry, the result after marriage his performance and before marriage are completely different, so you can’t avoid meeting despair, this invited you to often quarrel. And he is a second marriage, his attitude to marriage on the comparative discretion, you quarrel, he is easy to see your shortcomings, and easy to compare you with his ex-wife. If his ex-wife had a heart and tried to cajole him with sweet words, he would have fallen into the flames of desire. And it was inevitable that you would be betrayed. Now it seems your husband has a bone to pick with you. Temperament discord is the trigger for the current situation. And your husband and his ex-wife are both philanderers, so it’s easy for them to cheat on you. If you want to stay married, you may have to bear the pain of betrayal. And his ex-wife is constantly pestering, and it is likely t台灣設計離婚徵信社hat they will remarry. The situation is working against you. Now what you want to do above all, it is the plan that does divorce, catch him to cheat the credential of derailment, such although cannot together, you also can strive for a bit more wealth, as the assurance that lives to oneself henceforth. Remember, after and man together as far as possible I charge “small vault”. Another is to have a good conversation with your husband. If he’s upset with you, ask him what he’s doing with your current relationship and what plans he has for the future. To see what his state of mind was now. It also gives you a deeper understanding of each other. You can also put your faith in him and see how he reacts. If can redeem, also be good, but hope is not big. The woman looks for a man, before marriage must do understanding to him more, want to cultivate deep feeling, want to have the final plan that shares weal and woe with him. If you are not prepared before marriage, then when it comes to marriage, expect to suffer more disas台灣徵信社推薦-台灣徵信社評價ters. Good luck!

Private detective, devoted to a married man

區塊鏈全面入侵,翻轉你生活的7大應用Private detective, devoted to a married man. My mother died early, and I grew up in a single-parent family. My father, fearing that I would be wronged, did not marry again from time to time. Instead, he hired a nanny to take care of me. But he himself is busy with his work every day. I understood that my father, like all men, needed a career to prove himself. But I was his only daughter, and I needed his love, but he did nothing but comfort me with money. Without my father’s love, I learned to be strong. A while ago, I was busy in the kitchen, accidentally burned his foot. I didn’t inform my father. I knew he was busy, so I went to the hospital by myself. I didn’t expect to meet jack here. At that time I just took medicine, in the doorway of the hospital, a man warm-hearted to help me on the *** car, also seriously put my crutch next to me, and gently said, how not to let your family accompany you? Looking at his clear eyes, my heart on the warm ground shiver, because once for a long time no one is willing to care about me. So I said: my father is very busy these days, I do not want to drag him down, secretly to change his dressing. Private detective, he said, after a moment’s thought, I’ll take you back. I’m sure you won’t be able to go upstairs. I could not help bu獨特的數字指紋--哈希函數(Hash Function)t allow him to stand before me with his back to the sun. The charm of maturity and gentleness was irresistible. At that time I thought, the original so-called love at first sight, can also be the beginning of such. That day, jack saw that I could not go upstairs, so he picked me up with both hands. At that moment, my heart beat very fast, happiness is a little dizzy. Because I too need a person’s care. He put me on the sofa, poured me a glass of water and gave me medicine. I could not bear to see him go at once, so I asked him to talk with me. He smiled and sat beside me, telling me his childhood misadventures, which made me laugh and forget the pain in my feet. My father was often away from home, so jack became a regular visitor to my home and stayed with me until my injured foot was completely healed. I threw my arms around his neck, screaming and jumping with joy, and went out to dinner to celebrate my recovery. We all drank a little too much that night, but he stammered that he loved me. I cried because I had fallen in love with him, and before he could promise anything, I threw myself into his arms and bravely offered myself. The next day, jack informed me that he had a family and that his wife was studying in America for a master’s degree. My heart sank to the 工程師視角:什麼是區塊鏈的 Smart Contract?bottom of the valley. But he shaved my nose and said that when his wife came back, he would divorce me and give me real love and real happiness. I was so excited that I didn’t know what to say. I just kissed him again and again. From then on, I would ride my motorcycle with jack every day to play crazily, and stay with him all the time, enjoying his care for me, only waiting for his wife to return to China after four months, and only waiting for their divorce. Two months later, jack disappeared for three days in a row. Private detective, at this time, always busy upturned dad suddenly came back, he stared at me for a while, just said, LAN LAN, you recently with a man together? I was stunned. Jack always asked me when my father was away. I was worried that my father would stop us because jack did not get a divorce. But dad knew, he threw me a disc, I saw, the head immediately exploded. It was when jack and I were making love together. I can’t understand why he would be so mean to videotape something like this and give it to my father? Father’s face pale said, this time I served as the project bidding units are many, there are two programs particularly good, neck and neck, I temporarily difficult to decide the final bid to whom, at this time, one of the companies sent 什麼是「隔離見證」?為什麼比特幣要擴容?me a disc. This is the one that let me give them the bid at the last minute. I sat down on the ground, thinking of the happy days when jack and I were together. I couldn’t believe that he was such a dirty boy. How could he do this to me, to my father? I went to the office of the CEO of that company and asked jack directly. The fat CEO assured me that there was no jack in our company and we didn’t know what video tapes there were. Knowing that they were behind me, I couldn’t pick out a girl like that. I had a message of disaster and had to come out in disgrace. At this time, the phone rang, Andrew’s voice, LAN LAN, I’m sorry, I do have a wife, but she is not in the United States, she is beside me, she smoked drugs, in order to give her change money, I left no stone unturned. Exactly that company holds the position of the person to seek me, want me to obtain with you make love videotape, say to be the thing is done later give me 100 thousand. I said yes. Lashi, you are a simple good girl, I with you together is really like you. But I can’t bear to leave my wife, who suffered a lot with me before she became addicted to drugs. I want to use the money to help her get rid of drugs. She needs me more. The phone was broken, my heart was broken, and my dream of a beautiful lo區塊鏈的分叉是什麼?還分為軟的和硬的?ve was dissolved.

My husband suspected me of cheating before. What did I say he didn’t believe

盈幣寶Bingbon用戶代為操盤風險提示My husband thought I had cheated on him before, and he didn’t believe anything I could explain. After a long time, he thought it was an insult to me. I used to think that we had a good family like this, with living parents and a healthy and smart child. Although the economy was not very comfortable, I had no worries about the daily expenses, and I felt that there was nothing to think about except a good job. Not long ago, my husband often came home late after drinking. I must be very worrie關於IOS用戶使用企業證書的說明-盈幣寶d about him. I was unhappy several times and asked him to come home early, take care of the children, and not come back late every day. We quarreled, then we went home later after drinking, and finally we broke out and told him that I cheated on him, but we didn’t believe it after explanation, so we said that I had a hard mouth, and I was too embarrassed to ask the person he thought to confront him face to face. Private detective, you said that everyone was face-saving, and it didn’t matter網頁版體驗測試 -盈幣寶 to anyone else. I originally thought, time can prove everything, but if the divorce will harm the children, I work harder very carefully according to his way of doing things, to avoid misunderstanding, he even his friends I try not to talk to the opposite sex, telephone number and working as far as possible to make a long story short, basic not to work overtime, although quarrel with good leadership opinion is better than home. But it got worse and worse. As time went on, the children ofteUSDT軍備競賽-盈幣寶n saw us quarreling. Sometimes also said malicious us, to kill me and that inexplicable person, so as not to let the child later know that there is a mother like me shame, I think this is affected the children, but also affected my parents, they are old can not bear such noise. My mother-in-law probably told him she had a premonition that I was having an affair, because he said he had validated his mother’s premonition. I want to divorce a person quietly with the child for the rest of my li【盈幣寶】-bingbon-台灣上線首月,日交易額突破30億台幣(約1億美元)fe, very tired.

Give up a person that oneself like unexpectedly so difficult!

屏東徵信社推薦He felt quite pleasing to the eye from the first sight ~ ~ (I this person the first feeling is very important), always want to tell him something, sometimes chat will day, gradually cooked up, and sometimes he is not feeling when I was a bit, he is in a bad mood, I also will follow in a bad mood, and don’t know from when to start slowly found myself to like him, his character is very good, is the sunshine big boy, love to smile, good temper, than the biggest difference is with him I bad temper… Sometimes I feel he should be also interesting to me, and sometimes can’t say how ambiguity between two people, but no one put your CARDS on the table, I have been in this way, just quietly looked at him I 宜蘭徵信社推薦will be happy, I think I’m in a kind of poison, called ZXD very deep, I dare not to vindicate, sometimes want to go down like this, may be he will be leaving in a few days, I think the time should be slowly dilute all. But there should always be a place in my heart for him. Maybe he doesn’t have me at all. Sometimes I wonder why I should give up becaus台東徵信社推薦e he makes me so. In fact, think about the so-called fair? This is the first time I have a crush on a person, very beautiful, and very bitter, will cherish now and his time “together”, and it will become bitter memories, also published in a journal here, qq WeChat what a lot of acquaintances, again afraid he see, I think he won’t see here, although see警民徵信社BLOG don’t know me.

Women are weak and vulnerable to emotional problems

嘉義徵信社推薦Traditionally, women are weak and vulnerable to emotional problems. But a new study published on healthday.com found that men are more depressed, sad and anxious after a breakup than women. Researchers at the Queensland university of technology in Australia tracked 2,000 couples for five years, some of whom got married and some of whom split up. Among breakups, men are more likely to resort to alcohol and drugs to cope with their pain. Men start their next relationship on average six months shorter than women. Men also often try to hide their台南徵信社推薦 pain and rarely talk about it. Women, on the other hand, are better able to cope with the end of a relationship because they start thinking about the possibility of a breakup and how to deal with it in advance. It comes after a related study showed that a relationship brin高雄徵信社推薦gs men the equivalent of about $30,000 in happiness, about twice as much as a woman. Breaking up can reduce men’s happiness and make them less confident. “Men are actually more afraid of breaking up and less willing to hear it than women are in a genuine relationship.” The womanyoung.com.twresearchers said.

So how many people really can not forget the original intention?

Recently, we often hear people say: “never forget the original intention, the square will always”. So how many people really can not forget the original intention? Start with the private detective. When I first entered the society a few years ago, I could not do anything, not even making basic forms. Sad at that time I thought, if can find a stable job, let me study hard, the salary of what, the company is how much. With this attitude, I was lucky enough to find a satisfactory job and started my civil service career. When I first entered the company, I was in the state of learning. I would go wherever I needed help in work and help my colleagues in life. If I did not understand, I would ask humbly. But gradually, I forgot my original intention, because I think I will, because I have the appreciation of leaders and colleagues, because the ability is stronger than other clerical, I began not satisfied with the status quo. Not satisfied, I began to get tired of this job, began to be dissatisfied with the苗栗徵信社推薦 company, and finally resigned within three months. After resignation, I thought in my heart, the clerk’s job is too simple, this time to find a higher position than the clerk. The result did find his ideal position, but also after not 2 months and resigned, the reason is the same as before. Then I started to change jobs. I changed jobs several times in a year. It wasn’t until I met sister shan that I really settled down. In retrospect, why did you change jobs so often? Good to say is progress, not good to say, is not satisfied, is to forget the beginner’s mind! If you can calm down and think about why you want to choose this job, why you choose this company, when something goes wrong, think about the good of your colleagues, the good of your leader, the good of your boss, and the good of your company, you will feel happy for your original choice, but how can you be bored with your work and the company? If you can always be grateful for everyone’s good, and the company together, believe in their own a警民徵信社BLOGbility, after many years will absolutely be the leadership of the company, this is a good end! Smile and talk about life! In fact, life and work are closely related, the current state, it can be said that most of us work to live. When housing prices, prices and everything else are rising, we feel a lot of pressure. Dizzy at the beginning of doing business, is to feel that doing business is faster than working to earn money, we can faster afford to buy a house, even if it is a small house, also belong to their own. So we sacrificed all our spare time and time to spend with our family, and finally god paid for us, and bought a house to live in. Then he worked hard to buy a car in order to improve the quality of life for himself and his family. Wait until the rv are realized, and began to envy other people’s big house and luxury cars, and even better than the rich children, in order to create better conditions for the children, at the expense of hundreds of thousands of children is to let the children go台中徵信社推薦 to a better school…… All the things, endless dissatisfaction, finally let himself become more and more greedy, no time to accompany family, no time to contribute to the community. Every day will only for how to earn more money and worry, business slightly pale on the trouble, the fierce competition is angry, slowly from their original choice to do business heart more and more far. The university has said: after knowing, you can settle, after settling, you can settle, after settling, you can settle, after settling, you can worry, after worrying, you can get. If you want to do that, you have to start from the beginning. Where do you start from? Check from your beginner’s mind, at any time, no matter how high your achievements, be sure to think of beginner’s mind, why to do it, don’t also want to more, because after she had a private investigator think it will only push yourself into the pain, work is such, life is such, marriage, so it doesn’t no way! Therefore, do not forget the original intention警民徵信社BLOG, square always!

The working situation of cracking down on fake goods is moving to a better position

徵信社委託流程From January 2011 to March 2012, guangzhou counterfeit tobacco office issued a report on the city’s crackdown on the production and sale of counterfeit cigarettes, saying that guangzhou has a good working situation in the fight against counterfeit cigarettes, especially with April 2011 as the watershed, the original counterfeit areas yunxiao and changshan have achieved significant results and been effectively controlled. These, due to a series of measures in guangzhou. According to reports, in 2011, guangzhou city has held three special meetings, research, deployment of anti-counterfeiting work. The first meeting was held in yunxiao county on April 8, 2011. On th婦幼徵信社BLOGe meeting, municipal government and each county (city, area) government, development zone sign respectively dozen false responsibility book, affirm to manage false smoke duty with responsibility form means for the first time. In the same year, yunxiao county issued a powerful and unconventional document on responsibility for combating fake work, which implemented a “responsibility binding” mechanism and organized special inspections. In that year alone, she talked to the relevant personnel in 12 villages in 4 townships. In march this year, the commission for discipline inspection and the bureau of supervision of yunxiao county organized 102 people from 13 adminis警民徵信社BLOGtrative villages in five townships (development zones) to hold meetings, and talked to 92 of them. At the same time, the three public security officers involved in the party discipline disciplinary punishment, and the whole county notice. In addition, in 2011, the provincial public security and tobacco joint anti-counterfeiting team continued to stick to the permanent anti-counterfeiting strategy, and carried out heavy blows against the mountains of liangshan, bijia and pumei in the sky, and carried out close monitoring and immediate strikes on changshan, zhangpu, pingping and zhao ‘an. “Generally speaking, the situation in guangzhou is developing well. The effec徵信社安心服務t of cloud cloud control in the area where the counterfeiting was most serious is improving. After May 2011, only 10 cigarette rolling machines were seized, which is the least in the past years.” Zhangzhou city fake smoke do about the person in charge said. But since October 2011, the number of counterfeit cigarettes seized has started to increase slightly, indicating a rebound in the activity of overnight packaging dens in yunxiao. In addition, the migration and diffusion trend of counterfeiting dens is obvious. At present, other counties (cities, districts) have been detected large counterfeit production dens, but most of the ground machine, and the production 婦幼徵信社BLOGcycle is short.

Legal adviser: several legal issues in family and marriage

taiwan private detective台灣徵信社Lawyer hu, the legal adviser, explained the legal problems in several families and marriages. Q: what is family property and matrimonial property? Lawyer hu, legal adviser: generally, unless the husband and wife agree otherwise, the property acquired during the existence of the relationship between husband and wife is the joint property of husband and wife. However, it is of great significance to recognize the family property and the unique property of husband and wife. Husband and wife’s family property refers to the common property of family members and the sum of all their property. (a) personal property of husband and wife; (b) joint property after marriage; (c) the property of the child, that is, the property acquired by the child from inheritance or inheritance or other property owned by the child personally; (d) the property of other family members, i.e., the personal property of both parents, siblings and other family members; (e) property joinprivate detectives台灣徵信社tly owned by all family members. The following property after the marriage of the husband and wife shall be the exclusive property, and the exclusive property shall be the personal property: (b) special articles of low value for one spouse’s occupation or hobby; (c) medical and health care expenses, personal insurance premiums, disability compensation, personal injury compensation and pension, etc. of a person of the other party; (d) medical and home production subsidies for demobilized soldiers brought back from the army; (e) prizes, MEDALS and prizes, etc. that are closely related to one’s personal identity, acquired by the spouse in social activities such as literature, art, sports, etc.; (f) intellectual property rights to which one spouse has not yet acquired economic interest. Q: what is bigamy? Lawyer hu, legal adviser: bigamy refers to the illegal act of having a spouse and establishing a conjugal relationship with a third party. Such a marriedtaiwan private detective台灣徵信社 man and woman may marry another person before the death of their spouse or the dissolution of their marriage, thus constituting bigamy. This includes registered marriage with others, but also includes not registered with others as a husband and wife, cohabitation and living together and formed the fact of marriage. Bigamy is not only a violation of the monogamy principle of marriage law and socialist marriage morality, but also a criminal offense. Article 180, article 181 of the criminal law of China expressly stipulates: “whoever commits bigamy due to having a spouse, or knowingly marries another person due to having a spouse, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than two years or criminal detention.” “Or” whoever knowingly cohabits with or marries the spouse of an active serviceman shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than two years.” Ask: after receiving divorce judgment, can marry immediately? Lawyer hu, ltaiwan detective台灣徵信社egal adviser: the court’s judgment is divided into the judgment of first instance and the judgment of second instance. The conciliation statement shall become legally effective after it has been signed and accepted by both parties. For the second instance civil judgment, because our country implements the system of the second instance final judgment, so the judgment once made has the legal effect. Accordingly, after receiving divorce judgment, whether marry immediately problem, must divide for 2 kinds of circumstance. If the party receives the divorce judgment of the court of first instance, then the party shall not get married within 15 days after the judgment is served, otherwise it constitutes bigamy. If both parties do not appeal, then the parties who are in a hurry to remarry must wait until 15 days after the appeal expires before the judgment takes effect. If the service is the second instance of the court judgment of divorce, the parties can immprivate detective台灣徵信社ediately remarry.

PI Blotter:對私人調查員的誤解

政府立案徵信社PI Blotter:對私人調查員的誤解,2012年7月13日,PInow Staff在新聞中“ style =” display:inline-block;行高:1;垂直對齊:底部;填充:0px;邊距:0px;文字縮進:0px; text-align:center;“ class =” IN-widget“> ShareEveryday每週PInow會在網絡上梳理最新和最有趣的行業新聞報導,為您帶來《每週私人調查員吸毒者》。國會議員在讚成私人調查員LicensingUK的活動中發言–國會議員下議院民政委員會建議威爾士和英格蘭的所有私家偵探都應註冊,甚至獲得許可;在電話黑客醜聞發生後,委員會的任務是仔細研究英國的私家偵探行業。在英國估計的10,000名私家偵探中,只有大約2032名註冊,並且沒有義務遵守特定於行業的規則和法規。國會議員彙編了一份報告,指出目前約有65%的PI是一次警察,這可能會引起利益衝突。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。跟踪愛爾蘭資金的私人調查員新西蘭–私人調查人員前往新西蘭,希望能找到在盎格魯愛爾蘭銀行國有化後,肖恩·奎因及其家人藏在新西蘭的4.55億歐元。 Kroll機構正在與國際風險管理(RMI)的私人調查員合作,以追踪這筆錢。這不是富人第一次在新西蘭建立空殼公司來隱藏資產。這是該國被歐盟銀行“白名單”衝撞的原因之一。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。斯科特·蓋伊案可能仍是私人偵查的對像新西蘭–斯科特·蓋伊被槍殺和被捕兩年之後在他的農場被殺後,似乎可能展開另一次私人調查以審查該案的證據。蓋伊的遺id一直在與倡導組織合作,為受害者爭取有關已故丈夫去世的答案。由於發現埃文·麥克唐納(Ewen Macdonald)沒有謀殺罪,因此警方沒有其他線索,導致蓋伊(Guy)的家人求助於私人調查員以獲取答案徵信社價錢。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。HPCase Face SentencingSAN中的私人調查員加利福尼亞州喬塞市–前加利福尼亞私人調查員Matthew DePante和Joseph DePante將於美國聖何塞地區法院出庭,因涉嫌使用偽造身份訪問惠普員工和董事會成員電話記錄而面臨判決。據稱,其父子私家偵查隊還使用了非法方法來獲取記者的電話記錄。二月份,兩人因串謀實施社會保障欺詐而認罪。根據當局的說法,惠普於2005年通過其私人調查公司Action Research Group聘用了DePantes,以確定惠普中誰在向新聞界傳遞敏感信息。要閱讀全文,請點擊此處。律師在謀殺案中尋求私人調查阿拉巴馬州德斯蒙特·倫納德(Desmonte Leonard)的律師被指控射擊六人,他正在要求州政府為阿拉巴馬州的一名私人調查員付款,以幫助準備辯護案。槍擊事件發生在泳池派對上,造成三人死亡。倫納德(Leonard)面臨三項死罪指控和兩項二級攻擊指控。他的律師說他很窮,為辯護需要7500美元的私人調查服務。有人建議可以聘請調查員布拉德·巴特利特(Brad Bartlett)處理此案。要閱讀全文,請點擊此處。對私人調查員的誤解佛羅里達州COLLIER COUNTY –佛羅里達州的一些私人調查員最近坐下來與記者交談,並指出對這個問題有很多誤解。他們的職業,部分是由於電影和該領域的流行寫照。根據約翰·海斯勒(John Hisler)的說法,他執行的最常見任務之一是代表覺得委託人或被告不誠實的律師進行長時間的採訪。維克多·奧爾蒂諾(Victor Ortino)說,最常見的誤解之一是私人調查員花費多少時間工作。雖然電視節目可能暗示即將到來的答案,但Ortino說許多案件要花費數百小時。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。有關更多私人偵探的新聞重點, 請單擊此處以查看最新新聞檔案。

PI Blotter:私人調查員給市議員打了911

womanyoung.com.twPI吸墨紙:私人調查員在2012年8月29日由市議員PInow Staff在新聞中致電911。行高:1;垂直對齊:底部;填充:0px;邊距:0px;文字縮進:0px; text-align:center;“ class =” IN-widget“> ShareEachweek PInow會在網上蒐集最新和最有趣的行業新聞報導,為您帶來每週私人調查員的故事。大型企業使用秘密私人調查員英國–倫敦及其他地區的雇主大城市正面臨現金緊縮的局面,因為保險業和銀行業的職位數量已經減少了18個月,結果,許多企業正在使用私人調查員進行監視,以擺脫不想要的,不道德的或低產的工人。公司正在僱用私人調查員去秘密蒐集情報,以便可以在不引起昂貴的法庭訴訟的情況下解僱工人,例如,去年調查員安德魯·克羅斯的《答案調查》以三明治供應商的身份進行了監視,以抓獲一名市招募經理。曾非法下載公司信息。Cross說,他接到了更多來自商務的電話sses和hostseager來識別不道德和欺詐的僱員。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。鐵路聯盟僱用了私人調查員以色列–在過去的一年半中,以色列鐵路工會從成員那裡籌集了250萬新謝克爾,而現在的領導層是離開後,人們對錢的去向提出了疑問。根據勞工聯合會的一份報告,這些錢中有一部分流向了私人調查員,以檢查僱員。據稱,調查人員被雇用對兩名工人進行監視工作,因為涉嫌兩名員工被竊聽並與管理層合作。在指控一名火車高管性騷擾一名工人後,又在私人調查員身上花費了65,000新謝克爾。如果這是真的,工會可能會遇到麻煩,因為工會無權對其僱員進行調查。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。美國勞資關係委員會的決定可能會影響僱員調查關係委員會(NLRB)的決定旨在擺脫範屏東徵信社推薦圍廣泛的保密政策,這些政策會在工人被指控行為不檢的情況下影響內部調查。根據專家的說法,NLRB決定將要求人力資源專業人員和雇主在調查中記錄其要求僱員保密的原因。該決定是在banner Health System的一個案件之後做出的,該僱員抱怨雇主的全面保密政策阻止該僱員討論對涉嫌不當行為的最新調查。 NLRB站在僱員一邊,表示在這種情況下,全面保密違反了《國家勞動關係法》第7條。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。私人調查員在加利福尼亞州的COSTA MESA上打了911,加利福尼亞私人調查員Chris Lanzillo ,聯繫了警方,以舉報他懷疑議員吉格·里格海默(Jim Righeimer)正在駕車。那個警察電話使一些人指控說,蘭齊洛被雇用來調查里格海默,私家偵探否認了這一指控。根據Lanzillo的說法,他正在執行一項與議員無關的任務-當他看到Righeimer上車時,並且根據Lanzillo的看法,他看上去很醉。里格海默說,他認為自己是私人調查員的目標。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。國會候選人在私人調查員身上花費了數万美元。私人調查員以查找有關美國對手大衛·西西林(David Cicilline)的信息,他是比賽的對手。傑瑪(Gemma)承認了這筆支出,並表示這筆錢是合理的,因為他正在調查西西林(Ciccilline)與選民欺詐之間的任何可能聯繫。CCTV市場的預測表明亞洲的監視正在蓬勃發展ASIA – Research and Markets最近發布了一份報告,發現視頻監控行業由於對安全性的擔憂,該產品正在全球範圍內迅速發展,尤其是在亞洲。在該行業中,增長最快的部分是移動視頻監控市場。要閱讀全文,請單擊此處。有關更多私人偵探的新聞摘要,請單擊此處以查看最新檔案。