Suspect husband derailed hire detective, did not think of “detective” unexpectedly…… ?????

盈幣寶Bingbon-官方唯一交流群The tang lady that lives in town of cheng xiang of suzhou city taicang, because suspect husband is off the rails, two people are in many after quarrelling, choose to Sue to the court divorce. To make the verdict more favorable for her, tang became intrigued when she heard by chance that private investigators could be used to investigate evidence of her husband’s infidelity. But did not think of is “detective” is a cheater actually, lady tang suffers a heavy loss because of this. On August 28, Ms. Tang used her mobile phone盈幣寶Bingbon-最大槓桿數及手續費調整公告 to search for a “private detective” company. Through the QQ number displayed, Ms. Tang added him as a friend and offered to investigate her husband’s whereabouts. Ms. Tang said the other side asked to pay 5800 yuan deposit, to help check, she was more anxious, the other side said half can also, and then she transferred 2900 yuan. Half a month later, the so-called “detective” told Ms. Tang that he had finished his investigation and had evidence of Ms. Tang’s husband’s infidelity. He asked Ms. Tang for a deposit, and Ms. Ta盈幣版APP v1.6版本更新ng immediately transferred 2900 yuan to him. The next day, the other side contacted Ms. Tang, said he would ask the dispatcher to send evidence to Ms. Tang. Unexpectedly, the evidence that the other side collects still pays 20 thousand yuan deposit to be able to take. < / p > < p > eager to get evidence of her husband’s cheating Ms. Tang, and to the other party paid 20,000 yuan, but left and right, etc., did not wait to send the Courier, but wait to the other party request to transfer 20,000 yuan phone, Ms. TanBingbon盈幣寶週報(2019/07/20 – 2019/07/26)g this just realized that he was cheated, and called the police. Taicang police in the investigation process found that in August this year taicang city had another telecom fraud, commit crimes with the same means, after a series of and, the police confirmed that the two fraud cases for the same gang. Police arrested two suspects in a residential building in hecheng district, huaihua city, hunan province, early in the morning. It is known that the gang defrauded hunan, jiangsu, zhejiang and other regions, involving more th盈幣寶Bingbon-合約PC公測版(網頁版)正式上線an 200,000 yuan.


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