Construction debt case

苗栗徵信社Twenty or thirty thousand yuan, in the eyes of wealthy urban people may not have too much weight, a table point class food, or a show status of the famous brand, there is also ok, no, also will not bring too much impact on life; But for many migrant workers, it is the blood and sweat they have worked hard for two years, a new schoolbag for their children to go to school next year, and a much-ne雲林徵信社eded dose of medicine for their sick relatives. . “Hard-earned money” carries so much of the weight and hope of their lives that they have to go around screaming for a less complicated life at all costs. But there are always so many black hearts default on the following is a summary of construction debt cases related knowledge, only for reference. I hope it will help with the collection of thos彰化徵信社e building funds. Construction engineering case analysis the applicant a decoration company (hereinafter referred to as party a) and the respondent some unit (hereinafter referred to as party b) decoration contract at the end of 1996, by party a to party b the hotel’s interior decoration project contracting, for in the contract and the appropriation of the project, engineering change, acceptanc南投徵信社e, settlement agreement, warranty. The estimated cost of the project is $250,000. After signing the contract, party a entered into the construction site and started construction. In late March 1997, both parties signed the completion agreement of the decoration project, specifying that the project has been accepted. During the construction period, party b shall allocate a total of more than 170嘉義徵信社,000 yuan to party a. After the completion of the project, both parties have not handled the final accounts of the project. At the beginning of May 1997, party b used the hotel decorated by party a without accepting the decoration project. According to the actual situation of project completion, party a shall make the book decoration, final accounts of the project cost is ten thousand yuan, mor屏東徵信社e than 40 but party b shall not be authorized, and refused to pay all overdue payments related to. 330 million yuan, the heilongjiang province labor bureau in 2004, a year of wage arrears for migrant rural workers, than in the past three years off to more than double the total 70 million, tens of thousands of thousands of migrant workers are all looking forward to finally get their hard-earned 宜蘭徵信社money. Through this exciting digital, less in labor department of manpower, lack of funds for behind, there are a lot of malaises. It could be easily to ignore kaiping court for compulsory execution project back pay this year’s National Day, in a construction company of kaiping yu and other 23 employees particularly happy, because on September 30, they finally from the hand of the execution jud台東徵信社ges claim unpaid wages over the last two years. Yu and 23 others were originally employees of a construction company in kaiping city. Due to the poor management of the company, they were owed a total of 862041.25 yuan in wages from 2003 to 2005. After several times of urging, the company refused to pay them on the grounds of economic difficulties. March 2005 yu and others applied for arbitratio花蓮徵信社n to kaiping labor dispute arbitration committee and applied for compulsory execution to the court according to law. After accepting the case, the court found that the execution of the case was once in trouble due to the fact that the person subjected to execution had been operating in debt for many years and had no property available for execution locally. Combine executive person nature is co澎湖徵信社nstruction company.


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