“Grayed out” private detectives should be allowed to export

婚前調查“Catch small three, catch up bad accounts, check economic intelligence… In recent years, the private detective business has attracted many people who want to join it because of its huge profits. However, this rather mysterious “occupation” has been illegal in our country. Although illegal, “private detective” did not die out, but with the development of social economy, in recent years there is a growing trend, and more and more into the underground “gray survival”. (nanf結婚對像信用、素行、工作調查ang daily, Dec. 3) private detectives are an awkward existence in China. As a profession, private detective has not been recognized by the Chinese government, but statistics show that there are about 3,700 private detective agencies in China with more than 20,000 employees. Although as early as 1993, the Ministry of Public Security issued a notice on the prohibition of the establishment of private detective agencies, which stated: “it is strictly forbidden for any unit or 法律問題協助individual to establish various forms of private detective agencies such as civil affairs investigation institute and security investigation institute… It is forbidden to carry out similar business in the form of changing names, forms and so on.” , but the fact is that many private detective agencies still exist under the names of “investigation companies” and “affairs investigation centers”. They are engaged in search of persons, marriage investigation, economic intelli訴訟證據蒐集gence investigation and other businesses. It is not difficult to see that the prohibition of law does not play a rigid role, because, with the development of The Times, the society’s rigid demand for private detective is rising, private detective’s living soil is more and more expanded. As citizens, of course, we are opposed to private investigators engaging in the purchase and sale of personal information for profit, but without the demand of citizens, there would be no b法律顧問協助reeding ground for private detectives. This is a problem of two aspects, worthy of social and legal reflection. So the question that comes with that is, can private detectives survive as marginalised and grayed out all the time? Is there an exit for graying “private detective”? In recent years, there have been many cases of “private detective” being killed, which proves the possibility of eliminating the marginalization and graying of “private detective” and the importance家暴協助蒐證 of giving them export. In Europe and the United States and other countries, private detective widely exists, has become a mature industry in the society, the social status is no less than or less than lawyers, and the qualification requirements of practitioners and code of conduct is relatively sound, the number of practitioners even more than the number of regular police. Widely exists, but in our country is called “wandering in the legal edge of the invisible man”. It w家暴證據採集as an embarrassment. In reality, the existence of “private detective” can make up for the deficiency of public power relief. The reason why some enterprises choose private detectives instead of relying on state organs when protecting intellectual property rights and cracking down on counterfeit and shoddy goods is that they can reduce the handling procedures, reduce costs and improve efficiency. What’s more, from the perspective of the scale of private detectives and the n家暴諮商eeds of the public, the conflict between legal provisions and reality is quite obvious. For the society, whether to continue the graying of “private detectives” or to give them reasonable treatment has become a major issue concerning the social order. Furthermore, the recognition and export of “private detective” will also help improve the entry threshold of this industry and achieve the purpose of regulating the development of this industry. Of course, while eliminating t晚晴徵信社評價he graying of “private detective”, it can better define its responsibility, better promote its service to the society, citizens and enterprises, and prevent it from infringing on the private interests of the public and the public. No matter from the practical point of view, or from the development demand, “private detective” should not be in the narrow crack of law for a long time, let alone in the state of gray and marginalization for a long time, or “private detective” s立達徵信社面試hould be exported.


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